James White’s career as an artist started with drawing frogs with noses.

Some 30 years might’ve passed since then, but the enthusiasm to play with forms and colours has not disppaeared: his story is both inspiring and extremely entertaining.

White considers himself as part-designer and part-artist. The bills obviously need to get paid, but White attaches great importance to one’s personal projects.

- You’ll never know where they’ll get you if you don’t put them out there, he points out.

- All of the client work is a direct result of the stuff I do on my own time. I’ve maintained the philosophy I had when I was five years old, blindly loving what I do.

White’s brightly illustrated and rock’n’roll-fueled keynote ends with some concrete lessons for all the other renegades out there.

Be fearless.

You don’t need clients in order to work.

Personal passion should never be replaced with monetary goals.

Build your own reality.

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